Morning Talks

Join our Morning Talks every second Wednesday

The purpose of the Morning Talks is to present inspirational talks and give students (and others) with an interest in entrepreneurship a chance to meet and network. The doors open at 8.15 AM where we serve coffee and breakfast. From 8.30 – 9.00 AM an experienced entrepreneur or someone with entrepreneurial relevant knowledge gives a talk. After the talk, it is possible to stay for an extra cup of coffee, e.g. to have a chat with fellow entrepreneurs or AU Incubator advisers.

The specific content for each talk can be found on our Facebook-page. The talks are for free and everyone is welcome – please just make sure to sign up in advance on the Facebook event.

Most talks are held in Danish, but a few are held in English (the language will be apparent from the calendar headlines and in the Facebook event text).

If you are curious to learn more about what AU INCUBATOR has to offer and perhaps meet some of our current entrepreneurs we strongly encourage you to join the morning talks (you are of course welcome to show up 9.00 AM, if the talks are being held in Danish and you do not understand the language). The advisers working at the AU INCUBATOR are present and they will be happy to tell you about how you can use the AU INCUBATOR while studying at AU, and perhaps give you a few suggestions as to how you can proceed if you have a business idea or a startup.