Founders' Community

How to become part of The Kitchen

  • Develop and live out your startup idea while you study

Founders' Community

Welcome to the Founders' Community at The Kitchen where we support students who want to work on entrepreneurial projects while studying. Founders' Community is for students at all levels who would like to dedicate time and effort to work on and test their startup idea. 

The first step in becoming a part of Founders Community is meeting one of our startup advisors. They will help you decide which of our many offers is right for you. Some student entrepreneurs are advised to attend one of our many courses others may start using our services and facilities immediately.

You can meet us by signing up for Founders' Gate - the meeting takes place the first Monday of each month from 2:30 to 4 PM at The Kitchen.


We look at how far you are in your process, your current needs as well as the challenge you are facing in the near future. Maybe you have already tested, failed, iterated and learned tons of stuff that have brought you closer to your customers and users. If you now find yourself embarked on a process where you are scaling and in need of trainees and employees you might also need a private office and an extended advisory board, in this case, you can apply for the Founders' Community - NEXT.

Application NEXT - individual

Application NEXT - team

Either way, it all starts with a coffee meeting with one of our startup advisors.  

In Founders' Community, we can offer you the following:

  • A flying desk in our open office area and access to kitchen facilities
  • Office facilities such as access to meeting rooms, printers, and internet, etc.
  • Your very own  startup advisor
  • Access to courses, talks and other relevant stuff related to starting a business
  • An amazing network of like-minded people
  • Private office space (Founders Community NEXT)
  • Access to a competent advisory board (Founders Community NEXT)
  • Awesome coffee ad libitum YEAH!!! 

If you looking for inspiration and would like to meet other student entrepreneurs at The Kitchen, you can join our Morning talks every second Wednesday.     

Startup Essentials

If you have an idea for a startup or you already have a startup and would like to get support in order to develop it further, you can sign up for our Startup Essentials workshops. Startup Essentials is facilitated by an advisor from The Kitchen and take place at the beginning of each semester. You can sign-up to Startup Essentials here right away, even without pre-consulting one of our advisors. We can't wait to meet you!

Founders' Gate

The next Founders' Gate meeting is Monday, 7 September 2020.

Questions to Founders' Community

If you have questions regarding Founders' Community, please contact Annette Braad Christensen,