About AU Incubator

AU Incubator is for all bachelor's degree students, master's degree students and phd students at Aarhus university

  • AU Incubator is for you if you want to start your own business while you are studying - or if you are curious and want to know more about entrepreneurship

About AU Incubator

AU Incubator was founded in 2009. Since then, AU Incubator has formed the framework for what Aarhus University has to offer students who want to work to become entrepreneurs while they study. Our offer includes access to office and meeting facilities, counselling and networks which, combined, provide the framework for working to develop and run a professional business. In addition, we offer various workshops and host morning meetings/conferences which are open to everyone who is interested in knowing more about entrepreneurship and related topics, maybe in order to decide whether or not to become an entrepreneur. This means that it is not a requirement that you are ready to start your own business – or have an idea for a business – in order to use our services.  

Theory and practice

Our workshops and counselling services are based on well-founded theories and current research within entrepreneurship and innovation as well as characterised by a strong focus on practice – to find out more about your own competences, motivation and networks, to find ways to test ideas, develop business models etc. In other words, an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to take action are key elements.

We base our efforts on the idea that entrepreneurship first and foremost is a mindset which can be learned through training in how to uncover, create and pursue opportunities. This means that it does not require specific specialist knowledge or a specific type of personality to become an entrepreneur – and you do not have to be a genius at something. The way we see it and based on our experience, everybody can learn to become an entrepreneur. As part of AU Incubator, you will be trained in using the methods which are essential, based on the experience from research and serial entrepreneurs, when starting a business.

Our goal

Our goal is to offer a professional environment with office space, relevant counselling and interdisciplinary networks to students at Aarhus University who have a business idea or an established business in order for them to be able to establish and further develop sustainable businesses.

In general, we want to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit of all our students to make them able to create value for themselves and for society long term – regardless of whether they create this value as entrepreneurs or as employees in a company. 

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